Teacher Resumes: Top Resumes Tips for Teachers

Teacher resumes are one of the most difficult resumes to write as they have their own set of challenges. Unlike employees in the corporate sector whose objectives are to increase sales and/or reduce costs, teachers’ ultimate goal is to educate and nurture a country’s future generation. So let’s review this teacher resume and see how we can help her improve it.

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Lori’s resume design and layout are attractive and pleasing to the eyes. She maintained consistency in her spacing, font types and sizes throughout her resume. It doesn’t look cluttered and she only bolds the most important titles and sub-titles.

However, her resume isn’t perfect and there are a few ways she can improve upon it.

Top Resume Tip no. 1: Objective

The resume objective of this resume is mundane and needs a bit more ‘oomph’ to really differentiate Lori from other teachers. She needs to de-emphasize her needs and focus more on the needs of the school and students.

Top Resume Tip no. 2: Always include your achievements

Lori listed mostly her duties and responsibilities of her present and previous jobs. She needs a few achievements to help her stand out from other teaching applicants. So the following are some questions that can help her generate ideas for her list of achievements:

  • Did you emphasize multiculturalism?

  • Were standardized test scores increased?

  • Are you assigned the more challenging students?

  • Have you brought students performing at below grade level up to or above grade level?

  • Did you train new teachers?

  • Were you honored by your peers or principal?

Overall this is a well-designed teacher resume with only a few minor blemishes. By rewriting her resume objective and adding a few achievements to her resume, Lori shouldn’t have any problem in securing interviews in any job application.

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