Top Resume Tip: Never reveal your salary. Ever.

Here's a resume tip: As you scour the papers and internet for job vacancies, you’ll notice that many employers request that you include your expected and present salary in your resume. So this raises two questions:

Firstly, why do they need your present salary?

Companies normally ask for applicants’ salary for two reasons. Firstly, the salary is used to filter out candidates that they deem as ‘too expensive.’

Secondly, when the company has knowledge of your salary, they have an advantage in salary negotiations later in the interview.

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This brings us to the next question: Should you reveal your current salary?

Although some resume templates and examples include a section on salary, you should never include your current salary in your resume. By excluding your salary, the employer has no choice but to review your application based on your qualifications.

And during the interview, they won’t have the unfair advantage in salary negotiations.

But some jobseekers insist that they include their current salary in their resumes because they are worried that they may not be called for an interview if they don’t.

So here’s another Tip:

State in your cover letter that your expected salary is negotiable. By stating that your salary is negotiable, you still fulfill the employer’s request for an expected salary without revealing your current salary.

Final Tip:

If you're still uncomfortable, you can include an expected salary range. Whichever path you choose, revealing your present salary definitely puts you at a disadvantage.

Follow this Top Resume Tip and you’ll be in a better position in negotiating your salary during interviews.

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